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May 30, 2023 release

Redesigned Braze navigation

We’ve updated the Braze navigation to help you create and access your content more quickly and efficiently. Features are now organized into intuitive categories familiar and relevant to a marketer’s workflow in Braze. For the next few months, you can switch back and forth between the old and new navigation experiences. For more information on what’s changed, refer to Braze navigation.

New Currents events

The following WhatsApp Currents events have recently been released and added to the message engagement event glossaries:

Message abort events:

  • users.messages.whatsapp.Send
  • users.messages.whatsapp.Abort
  • users.messages.whatsapp.Delivery
  • users.messages.whatsapp.Failure
  • users.messages.whatsapp.Read
  • users.messages.whatsapp.InboundReceive

In-browser catalog editing and catalog selections

Catalogs now support in-browser editing and selections. Selections are groups of data that can be used to personalize a message for each user in your campaign. After creating a catalog, you can further reference this data by incorporating selections in your Braze campaigns.

Currents and Snowflake Data Sharing message_extras Liquid tag

Using the message_extras Liquid tag, you can annotate your send events with dynamic data from Connected Content, Catalogs, custom attributes (such as language, country), Canvas entry properties, or other data sources, and send the extra data back to Currents or Snowflake Data Sharing.

New Braze partnerships

Tangerine - Localization

The Braze and Tangerine integration allows you to integrate raw campaign and impression data from Braze into Store360 through Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. Brands can now measure the impact of these campaigns on physical store visits and in-store engagement.

Personalize.AI - Dynamic Content

The Braze and Personalize.AI integration allows you to export data from Personalize.AI into the Braze platform for message personalization and targeting.

Regal - Messaging

By integrating Regal and Braze, you can create a more consistent and personalized experience across all your customer touchpoints.

  • Send the right next best email or push notification from Braze based on what’s said in a phone conversation on Regal.
  • Trigger a call in Regal when a high-value customer clicks through a marketing email from Braze but doesn’t convert.

Sendbird - Messaging

The Braze and Sendbird integration allows Braze users to:

  • Utilize Braze’s segmentation and triggering capabilities to initiate personalized in-app notifications.
  • Create tailored in-app notifications on the Sendbird Notifications platform, which are then delivered within the app environment, enhancing user engagement.

Fresh Relevance - Dynamic Content

The Braze and Fresh Relevance integration allows you to include personalized content in triggered emails, such as product recommendations based on the customer’s browsed product or items within the same category, Send advanced triggered email campaigns such as price drop, back in stock, multi-stage browse, or cart abandoned messages, and more!

Smartling - Localization

The Braze and Smartling integration allows you to translate email templates and Content Blocks. Smartling provides linguists with the benefit of visual context during translation, which reduces errors and maintains quality.

SalesWings - Analytics

The Braze and SalesWings integration allows you to sync data across the two platforms in a flexible way to qualify leads with lead scoring and lead grading capabilities.

Kognitiv Inspire - Loyalty

The Braze and Kognitiv integration allows you to implement and evaluate your loyalty strategy, offering innovative capabilities and tailored member communications for enhanced program efficacy.

OneTrust - Data Privacy

The Braze and OneTrust integration allows you to use the OneTrust workflow builder to create security workflows for your product.

Stylitics - Dynamic Content

Your Braze and Stylitics integration allows you to enhance your existing email campaigns with engaging and relevant bundled content, creating a personalized customer experience.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Swift SDK 6.1.0-6.2.0
  • Web SDK 4.7.1
  • React Native SDK 5.0.0
    • Updates the native iOS bridge from Braze Swift SDK 5.13.0 to 6.2.0.
    • Removes setSDKFlavor and setMetadata, which were no-ops starting from version 2.0.0.
    • On iOS, these fields must be set using the Braze.Configuration object at SDK initialization.
    • On Android, these fields must be set via the braze.xml file.
  • Cordova SDK 4.0.0-5.0.0
    • Cordova SDK 4.0.0
      • Renamed instances of Appboy to Braze.
        • To ensure that your project is properly migrated to the new naming conventions, note and replace the following instances in your project:
          • The plugin has been renamed from cordova-plonugin-appboy to cordova-plugin-braze.
            • Ensure that you run the Cordova plugin, remove cordova-plugin-appboy and then re-add the plugin using the instructions in the README.
          • This GitHub repository has been moved to the URL
          • In your project’s config.xml file, rename instances of com.appboy to com.braze for each of your configuration property keys.
          • The JavaScript class interface AppboyPlugin has been renamed BrazePlugin.
      • Updated to Braze Android SDK 25.0.0.
      • Updated to Braze Swift SDK 5.13.0.
        • This update fixes the iOS behavior introduced in version 2.33.0 when logging clicks for content cards. Calling logContentCardClicked now only sends a click event for metrics instead of sending a click event and redirecting to the associated URL field.
    • Cordova SDK 5.0.0
      • Updated these Feature Flag methods to return promises instead of using a callback parameter
        • getAllFeatureFlags()
        • getFeatureFlag(id)
        • getFeatureFlagBooleanProperty(id, key)
        • getFeatureFlagStringProperty(id, key)
        • getFeatureFlagNumberProperty(id, key)
  • Unreal SDK 2.5.0
  • Unity SDK 4.1.0
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