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March 7, 2023 release

Removing support for duplicating original experience Canvases

As of February 28, 2023, you can no longer create or duplicate Canvases using the original Canvas experience. Braze recommends that customers who use the original Canvas experience move to Canvas Flow. It’s an improved editing experience to better build and manage Canvases. Learn more about cloning your Canvases to Canvas Flow.

Live Activities for iOS (early access)

Live Activities are persistent, interactive notifications displayed on your lock screen, allowing you to keep an eye on things in real-time. Because they appear on the lock screen, Live Activities ensure that your notifications won’t be missed. Because they’re persistent, you can display up-to-date content to your users without even having them unlock their phone.

Card creation for Content Cards

You can now choose when Braze evaluates audience eligibility and personalization for new Content Card campaigns by specifying when the card is created.

The following options are available:

  • At campaign launch: The previous default behavior for Content Cards. Braze calculates audience eligibility and personalization when the campaign launches, then creates the card and stores it until the user opens your app.
  • At first impression: When the user next opens your app (that is, starts a new session), Braze determines which Content Cards the user is eligible for, templates any personalization like Liquid or Connected Content, then creates the card.

For more information, refer to card creation.

Reset styles for in-app message Drag & Drop Editor

In the Drag & Drop Editor for in-app messages, you can now quickly reset styles to their default styling after making changes. For more, refer to resetting styles to default.

Link shortening also allows you to use your own domain to personalize the look and feel of your shortened URLs, helping portray a consistent brand image. Once configured, custom domains can be assigned to one or multiple SMS subscription groups.

Safari mobile web push

Safari v16.4 supports mobile web push, which means you can now re-engage mobile users with push notifications on iOS and iPadOS. Follow our dedicated guide for steps on how to support web push on Safari for iOS and iPadOS.

User Update component use cases

The User Update component in Canvas allows you to update a user’s attributes, events, and purchases in a JSON composer—but are you not quite sure how to make the most of this feature? We’ve added three example use cases to give you some ideas.

User lookup

This new article describes how to use user lookup to search for a specific user directly from the composer to test if your filters and segments are set up correctly. This can also be helpful when troubleshooting a campaign or Canvas that isn’t sending as expected—for example, if users aren’t receiving a message when they should be.

User lookup is available when:

  • Creating a segment
  • Setting up a campaign or Canvas audience
  • Setting up an Audience Paths step

Blocklisting or deleting custom data

This new article describes how to retire a custom data object by blocklisting or deleting custom data.

You may occasionally identify custom attributes, custom events, or purchase events that are either consuming too many data points, are no longer useful to your marketing strategy, or were recorded in error. To stop this data from being sent to Braze, you can blocklist a custom data object while your engineering team works to remove it from the backend of your app or website.

New Braze partnerships

Sisu Data - Business intelligence

The Sisu Data and Braze integration allows you to understand across all campaigns or at a campaign level why metrics (for example, open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, etc.) are changing and what drives the most optimal outcomes. Once these segments are identified, Braze users can materialize the outputs in their data warehouse or send them directly from Sisu to Braze to retarget and reengage users.

Loplat - Contextual location

The Braze and loplat integration allows you to use loplat’s location services (store POI and custom geofence) to trigger geo-contextual marketing campaigns and create custom events using offline segmentation. When users visit the targeted location you set in loplat X, the campaign and location information are sent immediately to Braze.

ActionIQ - Customer data platform

The Braze and ActionIQ integration allows brands to sync and map their ActionIQ data directly to Braze, empowering the delivery of extraordinary customer experiences based on the entire breadth of their customer data. The integration enables the users to:

  • Map audience segments or custom attributes to Braze directly from ActionIQ
  • Forward the events tracked by ActionIQ to Braze in real time to trigger personalized and targeted campaigns

Komo - Dynamic content

The Braze and Komo integration allows you to gather first and zero-party data through Komo Engagement Hubs. These hubs are dynamic microsites that offer interactive content and gamification features. The user data collected from these hubs are then transmitted to the Braze API.

  • Ingest first and zero-party user data gather from Komo to Braze in real-time
  • Ingest market research and user preference data when they answer surveys, polls, and quiz questions
  • Progressively build user profiles in Braze over time as the user continues to engage and share more data about themselves
  • Standardize the look and feel of transactional emails sent through Braze

Phrase - Localization

The Phrase and Braze integration allow you to translate email templates and Content Blocks without leaving the Braze interface. With the Phrase TMS integration for Braze, you can increase customer engagement and drive growth into new markets with seamless localization.

Nift - Loyalty

The Braze and Nift integration allows you to automatically trigger “thank-yous” containing Nift gifts at key moments in the customer lifecycle and identify which customers used their gift. Nift gift cards can be used to access products and services supplied by brands relying on Nift’s matchmaking technology to acquire new customers cost-effectively at scale.

Sageflo - Message templates

The Braze and Sageflo integration empowers local teams to easily send their own emails using marketing-approved templates, images, and audience segments through API integrations with Braze.

Airbyte - Workflow automation

The Braze and Airbyte integration allows users to create a data pipeline to collect and analyze Braze data by connecting all of your applications and databases to a central warehouse. Once data has been collected in the central warehouse, data teams can explore Braze data effectively using their preferred business intelligence tools.

GrowthLoop - Workflow automation

The Braze and GrowthLoop integration allows you to segment customer data directly from data warehouse and send it to Braze–ensuring that users can optimize the deep feature set of Braze in tandem with their single source of truth. Streamline marketing efforts for customer segmentation and activation, reducing the time it takes to segment, launch, test, and measure the results of targeted campaigns sent to Braze.

Mozart Data - Workflow automation

The Braze and Mozart Data integration allows you to:

  • Use Fivetran to import Braze data into Snowflake
  • Create transforms by combining Braze data with other applications data and effectively analyze user behaviors
  • Import data from Snowflake into Braze to create new customer engagement opportunities
  • Combine Braze data with other applications data to gain a more holistic understanding of user behaviors
  • Integrate with a business intelligence tool to further explore the data that is stored in Snowflake

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

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