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November 14, 2023 release

Getting started with Braze

Exciting news! We’re introducing two Getting Started sections tailored specifically for our Braze marketers and developers. These sections are designed to help you hit the ground running with Braze, providing you with all the necessary tools and guidance. Dive in and start exploring.

New Braze dashboard instance

Braze manages a number of different instances for our dashboard and REST endpoints. We have added a new dashboard instance US-07. For more information, refer to API overview.

Robust channels

Custom drag-and-drop templates for in-app messages

General availability

You can now use custom drag-and-drop templates for in-app messages to begin designing your in-app message in the drag-and-drop editor.

SMS double opt-in

General availability

SMS double opt-in allows you to require users to explicitly confirm their opt-in intent before they can receive SMS messages. This helps you tailor your focus to users who are likely to be engaged or are engaged with SMS.

Estimated real open rate for email reporting

General availability

Estimated real open rate uses a proprietary analytical model created by Braze to reconstruct an estimate of the campaign’s unique open rate as if machine opens did not exist. Braze uses click data from each campaign to infer the rate at which actual humans opened the message. This compensates for various machine opening mechanisms, including Apple’s MPP.

Personalized Paths for Canvas


With Personalized Paths, you can personalize entire Canvas journeys for individual users based on conversion likelihood, similar to Personalized Variants in campaigns. Use Personalized Paths with an Experiment Path step to hold a portion of users in a delay group while Braze tests the remaining paths against each other.

Data flexibility

Searching your Braze dashboard

General availability

You can use the search bar to find your work and other information within your Braze dashboard. The search bar is at the top of your Braze dashboard.

Blocklisting custom attributes and events

General availability

You can now blocklist up to 10 custom attributes or events at a time. For more information, refer to Custom event and attribute management.

New help article: Universal links and App links

Apple universal links and Android App Links are mechanisms devised to provide a seamless transition between web content and mobile apps. While universal links are specific to iOS, Android App Links serve the same purpose for Android applications.

Learn more about this topic in our dedicated Universal links and App Links article.

New Braze partnerships

Olo – Channel Extensions

The Braze and Olo integration allows you to update user profiles in Braze to keep them consistent with Olo user profiles. You can also send the right messaging from Braze based on Olo events.

Typeform – Customer Data Platform

The Braze and Typeform integration allows you to update user profiles in Braze with data collected from their Typeform response, trigger messaging in Braze based on a user’s engagement with a typeform, and personalize Braze messaging based on a user’s Typeform responses.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Web SDK v4.10.1
  • Web SDK v5.0.1
  • Android SDK 29.0.1
  • Swift SDK 7.1.0-7.2.0
    • Braze.Configuration.DeviceProperty.pushDisplayOptions has been deprecated. Providing this value no longer has an effect.
  • React Native SDK 8.0.0-8.1.0
    • Updates the native Android bridge from Braze Android SDK 27.0.1 to 29.0.0.
    • Updates the native iOS bridge from Braze Swift SDK 6.6.0 to 7.0.0.
    • Renames the Banner Content Card type to ImageOnly:
      • BannerContentCard to ImageOnlyContentCard
      • ContentCardTypes.BANNER to ContentCardTypes.IMAGE_ONLY
    • On Android, if the XML files in your project contain the word banner for Content Cards, it should be replaced with image_only.
    • Braze.getFeatureFlag(id) will now return null if the feature flag does not exist.
    • Braze.Events.FEATURE_FLAGS_UPDATED will only trigger when a refresh request completes with success or failure, and upon initial subscription if there was previously cached data from the current session.
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