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October 17, 2023 release

Copying to workspaces

Copying campaigns across a workspace allows you to get a jumpstart on your message composition by starting with a copy of a campaign in a different workspace. This copy will remain as a draft until you edit and launch, helping you keep and build off your successful messaging strategies.

Test Currents connectors

Test Currents connectors are free versions of our existing connectors that can be used for testing and trying out different destinations. Test Currents have:

  • No limit to the number of Test Currents connectors you may build.
  • An aggregate maximum of 10,000 events per 30-day rolling period. This event total is updated hourly on the dashboard.

Feature flags

Feature flags allow you to remotely enable or disable functionality for a specific or random selection of users. Importantly, they let you turn a feature on and off in production without additional code deployment or app store updates. This allows you to safely roll out new features with confidence.

Feature flag experiments

Feature flag experiments let you A/B test changes to your applications to optimize conversion rates. Marketers can use feature flags to determine whether a new feature positively or negatively impacts conversion rates, or which set of feature flag properties is most optimal.

Merging user profiles

If your search on the Search Users page returns multiple user profiles, you can merge user profiles by clicking the Merge duplicates button. You can select which user profile to keep, meaning this profile will be kept and will gain attributes from the merged profile.

Performance data by segment

You can now use Query Builder report templates to break down performance data by segments for campaigns, Canvas, variants, and steps.

Updating user profiles

You can now use the /users/track endpoint to update a user profile by phone number or email.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Braze Segment Swift Plugin v2.1.0
  • Web SDK v4.10.0
  • Web SDK v5.0.0
    • The subscribeToFeatureFlagsUpdates() callback will now always be called, regardless of refresh success/failure. If there is a failure in receiving updates, the callback will be called with currently cached feature flags.
    • The getFeatureFlag() method now returns a null if the feature flag does not exist, or if feature flags are disabled.
    • Removed logContentCardsDisplayed() method that was previously deprecated in 4.0.4.
    • Removed the deprecated initialization option enableHtmlInAppMessages. This should be replaced with the allowUserSuppliedJavascript option instead.
    • Removed Banner class that was previously deprecated in 4.9.0 in favor of ImageOnly.
    • Removed ab-banner CSS classname as part of Banner class removal. CSS customizations should instead target the ab-image-only class.
    • The SDK no longer throws runtime errors anywhere. If Braze methods are called prior to initialization, a warning will be logged to the console instead.
    • The SDK no longer adds default Braze in-app message styles to custom HTML in-app messages. These styles were previously used by legacy in-app message types.
  • Android SDK 29.0.0
    • Renamed BannerImageCard, BannerImageCardView, and BannerImageContentCardView to ImageOnlyCard, ImageOnlyCardView, and ImageOnlyContentCardView.
    • All styles used for Banner Cards have been updated to Image Only Cards. All keys with the word banner should be replaced with image_only.
    • Device brand information is now sent. If you want to block this, see Blocking data collection.
  • Flutter SDK 7.0.0
  • Swift SDK 7.0.0
    • The useUUIDAsDeviceId configuration is now enabled by default.
    • The Banner Content Card type and corresponding UI elements have been renamed to ImageOnly. All member methods and properties remain the same.
      • Braze.ContentCard.BannerBraze.ContentCard.ImageOnly
      • BrazeContentCardUI.BannerCellBrazeContentCardUI.ImageOnlyCell
    • Refactors some text layout logic in BrazeUI into a new Braze.ModalTextView class.
    • Updates the behavior for Feature Flags methods.
      • FeatureFlags.featureFlag(id:) now returns nil for an ID that does not exist.
      • FeatureFlags.subscribeToUpdates(:) will trigger the callback when any refresh request completes with a success or failure.
        • The callback will also trigger immediately upon initial subscription if previously cached data exists.
  • AppboyKit iOS SDK 4.6.0
    • This release requires Xcode 14.x.
    • Drops support for iOS 9 and iOS 10.
    • Removes support for the outdated .framework assets when importing via Carthage in favor of the modern .xcframework assets.
      • Use the command carthage update --use-xcframeworks to import the appropriate Braze asset.
      • Removes support for appboy_ios_sdk_full.json in favor of using appboy_ios_sdk.json
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