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June 6, 2022 release

Delivery validation for Canvas Message Steps

You can turn on delivery validation in your Canvas Message Steps to provide an additional check to confirm your audience meets the delivery criteria at message send. This setting is recommended if Quiet Hours, Intelligent Timing, or rate limiting are activated.

Android 13 SDK upgrade guide

As of June 8, 2022 Android 13 has reached its Platform Stability Milestone. This means all changes have been finalized, and app users will soon be able to upgrade their devices. To learn more about relevant changes introduced in Android 13 and the required upgrade steps for your Braze Android SDK integration, refer to our Android 13 SDK upgrade guide.

iOS 16 SDK upgrade guide

As of iOS 16 Beta 2 (June 22, 2022), there were no functional changes in iOS 16 that affected your Braze SDK integration. This may change as Apple releases new beta versions of iOS 16, so we recommend periodically checking our iOS 16 SDK upgrade guide, which describes relevant changes introduced in iOS 16.

Know before you send guide for channels

Launch your campaigns and Canvases with confidence! After visiting our pre-launch guide, refer to Know before you send: channels for a final list of checks or “gotchas” for Content Cards, email, in-app messages, push, and SMS.

How campaign and Canvas attribute names and IDs differ across sources

Campaign, Canvas, and Canvas Step names and IDs are all available in Liquid, our REST API, and Currents. These attributes map to the same value across all three sources, but may be named differently. This new help article will help you draw connections between the three.

Braze Learning

Braze Learning, previously Learning at Braze (LAB), offers courses for marketers, administrators, and developers on key concepts and fundamentals in Braze. Keep an eye out for the Braze Learning logo in select articles, and click the link to learn more about that topic.

Braze learning logo in the custom attributes article, which takes you to the Braze Learning course for custom attributes

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