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January 11, 2022 release

Welcome to a new year!

Canvas Experiment Paths Step

The new Canvas Experiment Paths Step helps track path performance by testing multiple Canvas paths against each other and a control group at any point in the user journey. Now, you can leverage the analytics gathered here to further determine which path is most effective. Read more about how to create a Experiment Paths Step.

Handling invalid phone numbers

You’ve encountered a scenario where a user has entered an invalid phone number. Here’s your solution! Braze marks these invalid phone numbers and will not attempt to send any further communications to those numbers. Read more on how Braze handles invalid phone numbers.

New SMS endpoints

You can now manage invalid phone numbers using the new Braze SMS Endpoints! This update features:

Rate limits

API rate limits have been included for all Braze Endpoint articles. You can now easily view the rate limits by request type. For more information on rate limits, check out our article on API rate limits.

New REST endpoint

Braze has added a new EU-02 REST endpoint.

About email

Email messages are a great way to connect with your customers. For a quick introduction on how you can customize and leverage email messages, check out our new article on About email.

About in-app messages

In-app messages deliver rich content to your users who are active within your app. You can easily engage with your active customers by creating in-app messages for personalized greetings or feature adoption. To learn about the advantages and message types, check out our new article on About in-app messages.

New Stuff!