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March 2019

In-app messages - Generation 3

Braze is proud to announce that we have made improvements to the look and feel of our in-app messages to adhere to the latest UX and UI best practices. In the newest in-app messages, you can expect your users to interact with messages with:

  • Larger font sizes
  • Refined spacing
  • A new close x asset
  • Improved responsive behavior for all message types to better fit viewports
  • Button borders to create custom contrasts between buttons

Our new in-app messages will take your interactions with your user from good to app-mazing!

Full Screen Behavior

What you need to do

We highly recommend updating to the latest versions of the Braze SDKs for Web, iOS, and Android.

After that, you’re good to go!

Content Blocks archive update

You can now archive and unarchive Content Blocks.

Inkit partner addition

You can now use Inkit as a predesigned webhook template or create a new webhook campaign.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is no longer in beta! Braze is proud to announce that Google Cloud Storage is available to interested customers within the Braze platform. Go to Technology Partners in your Braze account and search for Google Cloud Storage.

New Stuff!