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May 2017

Update to Internal Groups

We’ve added new functionality to Internal Groups for Seed groups, making it easy for you to test your email. Now, you can add a bulk upload of users, send test emails in real-time with personalized user data, and use message templates. Learn more about Internal Groups here.

Update to tags

You can now nest your Segment Tags to help better organize your dashboard. Learn more about Segment Tags.

Update to in-app messages configuration

You can now customize the dismissal of in-app messages to a specific duration of time, allowing you to further personalize your messaging to your customers. Learn more about creating in-app messages.

Update to template galleries

We’ve consolidated all templates and image under the tab Templates & Media in Braze to streamline your marketing process. The Templates & Media page also houses link templates.

Push action buttons

You can now increase your engagement by using push action buttons to give your users contextual choices that simplify their busy lives. Learn more about best practices for push notifications.

Update to Liquid personalization

We’ve simplified Liquid personalization with a pop up that allows you to easily insert customer data into your messages. Learn more about Liquid personalization.

Dashboard UI updates

Now, you will see only the statistics that are relevant to you with a table at the bottom of your dashboard on campaign targeting and segment details pages, enabling you to better build and track who is receiving your campaigns and how they’re doing. Learn more about targeting and engagement reporting.

New quota alerts for IP warming

We now have an alert to let you know when you’ve reached your quota depending on your IP warming schedule, making sure you never go off track. Learn more about IP warming.

Canvas data in Engagement Reports

Canvas and campaign data can now be exported together in Engagement Report, streamlining your data analysis. Learn more about Engagement Reports.

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