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February 6, 2024 release

Braze privacy manifest

Braze has released our own privacy manifest, along with new flexible APIs that automatically reroute declared tracking data to dedicated -tracking endpoints. For more information, see Braze’s privacy manifest.

Google is updating their EU User Consent Policy in response to changes to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), which goes into effect March 6, 2024. This new change requires advertisers to disclose certain information to their EEA and UK end users, as well as obtain necessary consents from them. As part of this upcoming change, you can collect both consent signals in Braze as custom attributes. Braze will sync the data from these custom attributes to the appropriate consent fields in Google.

Data flexibility

Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API

General availability

You now can migrate from Google’s deprecated Cloud Messaging API to their fully-supported Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API.

Braze Cloud Data Ingestion (CDI) endpoints

General availability

Use Braze CDI endpoints to:

Braze Cloud Data Ingestion (CDI) support for Databricks

Braze CDI support for catalogs is now available for Databricks sources.

Manual Swift SDK integration

We added the Manual integration article to the integration guides to describe how to manually integrate the Swift SDK without the use of a package manager.


On January 11, 2024, Braze stopped serving messages and collecting data from Windows apps and Baidu apps.

Unlocking creativity

SQL Segment Extensions use cases

The SQL Segment Extensions use cases library contains tested queries for SQL Segment Extensions that you can use for inspiration when creating your own SQL queries.

Robust channels

Custom Code blocks

General availability

Custom Code blocks allow you to add, edit, or delete HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for an in-app message.

Reduce payload size of push notifications

The new help article Notification Payload Size provides some tips to reduce the payload size of your push notifications if you’re unable to launch a campaign or Canvas step due to push payload size limits.

Add BCC addresses to your campaign or Canvas

General availability

You can append a BCC address to an email message. This will send an identical copy of the message your user receives to your BCC inbox. This allows you to retain copies of messages you sent your users for compliance requirements or customer support issues.

Using a list-unsubscribe header allows your recipients to unsubscribe with one click from marketing emails by displaying an Unsubscribe button within the mailbox UI, and not the message body.

New Braze partnerships

Criteo - Canvas Audience Sync

Using the Braze Audience Sync to Criteo, brands can elect to add user data from their own Braze integration to Criteo customer lists to deliver advertisements based upon behavioral triggers, segmentation and more. Any criteria you’d normally use to trigger a message (push, email, SMS, webhook, etc.) in a Braze Canvas based upon your user data can now be used to trigger an ad to that user in your Criteo customer lists.

Movable Ink - Dynamic content

The Movable Ink Customer Data API integration allows marketers to activate customer event data stored in Braze to generate personalized content within Movable Ink.

Scuba Analytics - Analytics

Scuba Analytics is a full-stack, machine-learning-powered data collaboration platform designed for high-velocity time-series data. Scuba allows you to selectively export users (also called actors) and load them into your Braze platform. In Scuba, custom actor properties are used to analyze behavioral trends, activate your data across various platforms, and conduct predictive modeling using machine learning.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Expo Plugin 2.0.0
    • Bumps the iOS minimum platform version to 13.4, per the Expo SDK 50 requirements.
    • This version requires version 8.3.0+ of the Braze React Native SDK to fully support Expo SDK 50.
  • React Native SDK 8.3.0
  • Unity SDK 5.1.0
  • Android SDK 30.0.0
    • WebViews used for In-App Messages have been updated to use WebViewAssetLoader.
      • WebSettings.allowFileAccess is now set to false in InAppMessageHtmlBaseView and BrazeWebViewActivity.
      • If you are using your own InAppMessageWebViewClient or InAppMessageHtmlBaseView, please compare them against the original classes to make sure you’re implementation is correctly loading the assets.
      • If you are not using custom classes, everything will work as before.
  • Braze Swift SDK 6.6.2
  • Braze Swift SDK 7.6.0
  • Xamarin SDK Version 3.0.0
    • The NuGet package has been renamed from AppboyPlatformXamariniOSBinding to BrazePlatform.BrazeiOSBinding.
      • To use the updated package, replace any instances of using AppboyPlatformXamariniOSBinding; with: using Braze;
    • This version requires using .NET 6+ and removes support for projects using the Xamarin framework. See Microsoft’s policy around the end of support for Xamarin.
    • Updated the Android binding from Braze Android SDK 26.3.2 to 29.0.1.
  • Xamarin SDK 4.0.0
    • This version updates the iOS binding to use the Braze Swift SDK. Most iOS public APIs have changed, please refer to our migration guide (Swift) for guidance about replacement to use. We provide compatibility bindings to keep making use of the old public APIs.
      • The iOS binding is now composed of multiple modules:
        • BrazeKit: Main SDK library providing support for analytics and push notifications (nuget: Braze.iOS.BrazeKit).
        • BrazeUI: Braze-provided user interface library for In-App Messages and Content Cards (nuget: Braze.iOS.BrazeUI).
        • BrazeLocation: Location library providing support for location analytics and geofence monitoring (nuget: Braze.iOS.BrazeLocation).
        • BrazeKitCompat: Compatibility library with support for pre-4.0.0 APIs (nuget: Braze.iOS.BrazeKitCompat).
        • BrazeUICompat: Compatibility library with support for pre-4.0.0 UI APIs (nuget: Braze.iOS.BrazeUICompat).
      • Refer to the BrazeiOSMauiSampleApp for the new integration, and to BrazeiOSMauiCompatSampleApp for usage of the compatibility modules.
    • Updated the iOS binding to the Braze Swift SDK 7.6.0.
    • The iOS binding requires using .NET 7 for compatibility with Xcode 15.
  • Xamarin SDK 4.0.1
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