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January 9, 2024 release

Updated Shopify integration documentation

We’ve updated sections of our Braze and Shopify integration documentation, including:

Data flexibility

Back-in-stock notifications for catalogs

Early access

Using a combination of back-in-stock notifications through catalogs and a Canvas, you can notify customers when an item is back-in-stock. Any time a customer performs a selected custom event, they can be automatically subscribed to be notified when the item is replenished.

Catalog segments

Early access

Catalog segments are an audience of users based on catalog data in SQL Segment Extensions. These SQL Segment Extensions can be referenced in a segment and then targeted by campaigns and Canvases. Catalog segments use SQL to join data from catalogs and data from custom events or purchases. To do so, you must have a common identifier field across your catalogs and your custom events or purchases.

Migrating to the Firebase Cloud Messaging API

Early access

Learn how to migrate from Google’s deprecated Cloud Messaging API to their fully-supported Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) API.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Swift SDK 7.5.0
    • Adds privacy manifests for BrazeKit and BrazeLocation to describe Braze’s data collection policies. For more details, refer to Apple’s documentation on privacy manifests. More configurations to manage your data collection practices will be made available in a future release.
    • Fixes an issue with the code signatures of XCFrameworks introduced in 7.1.0.
  • Web SDK v5.1.0
  • Unity SDK 5.0.0
    • Updated the native iOS bridge from Braze Swift SDK 6.1.0 to 7.4.0.
      • The iOS repository link now points to the prebuilt dynamic XCFrameworks from this repository.
    • Updated the native Android bridge from Braze Android SDK 27.0.1 to 29.0.1.
    • AppboyBinding.GetFeatureFlag(string id) will now return null if the feature flag does not exist.
    • FEATURE_FLAGS_UPDATED will only trigger when a refresh request completes with success or failure, and upon initial subscription if there was previously cached data from the current session.
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