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September 19, 2023 release

BigQuery for Cloud Data Ingestion

You can now create Cloud Data Ingestion integrations with BigQuery, a serverless enterprise data warehouse. For more information, refer to Cloud Data Integestion integrations.

Braze Data Transformation

Braze Data Transformation allows you to build and manage webhook integrations to automate data flow from external platforms into Braze user profiles. This newly integrated user data can then power even more sophisticated marketing use cases.

Commenting in Canvas

Comments in Canvases can be a great collaborative space for your marketing team to identify, discuss, and review the finer details of your Canvases. As you build out a Canvas, you can make and manage comments to identify these areas that may require additional feedback from your colleagues.

Deliverability Center

The Deliverability Center provides more insight into your email performance by supporting the use of Gmail Postmaster Tools to track data on emails sent and gather data about your sending domain.

Email deliverability is the core of campaign success. Using the Deliverability Center in the Braze dashboard, you can view your domains by IP reputation or delivery errors to discover and troubleshoot any potential issues with email deliverability.

Drag-and-drop editor for in-app messages

These additional features have been added to the drag-and-drop editor for in-app messages:

  • Text links that do not dismiss the message
  • Button action to request push primer
  • Custom code editor block

To take advantage of all features available in the drag-and-drop editor, update your SDKs to the recommended SDK versions.

Save custom templates (early access)

In the drag-and-drop editor for in-app messages, early access participants can create and save custom in-app message templates using the Save as template button, available after you exit the editor. Before you can save it as a template, you must first launch the campaign OR save it as a draft.

You can also create and save in-app message templates by navigating to Templates > In-App Message Templates.

Disabling dark mode for in-app messages

Developers can prevent in-app messages from adopting dark mode styling when the user device has dark mode turned on. For steps on how to implement this, refer to the following documentation by platform:

New fields for message archiving

Message archiving lets you save a copy of messages sent to users for archival or compliance purposes to your S3 bucket. The following fields have been added to the JSON payload delivered to your S3 bucket each time a message is sent:

  • user_id
  • campaign_name
  • canvas_name
  • canvas_step_name

New Liquid personalization tags

For in-app messages, you can use the following app attributes within Liquid. The values are based on which SDK API key your apps use to request messaging:

  • {{app.${api_id}}}
  • {{app.${name}}}

For more, refer to Supported personalization tags.

New Braze partnerships

Antavo Loyalty Cloud – Channel Extensions

The Antavo and Braze integration allows you to use loyalty program-related data to build personalized campaigns to enhance the customer experience. Antavo supports loyalty data synchronization between the two platforms—this is a one-way data synchronization only from Antavo to Braze.

Ketch – Customer Data Platform

The Braze and Ketch integration allows you to control customer communication preferences within the Ketch preference center and automatically propagate these changes to Braze.

Redpoint – Customer Data Platform

Redpoint is a technology platform that provides marketers with a fully integrated campaign orchestration platform. The Braze and Redpoint integration allows you to create Braze segments based on your Redpoint CDP data.

Simon Data – Customer Data Platform

Use the Braze and Simon Data integration to create and sync sophisticated audiences to Braze for orchestration in real-time and without code. With this integration, you can leverage the best of Simon’s campaign prioritization and identity-matching capabilities, complex aggregate support, and more to elevate your Braze campaigns downstream.

OfferFit – Dynamic Content

The OfferFit and Braze integration allows you to automatically discover the right message, channel, and timing for every customer based on your customer data. You can optimize your campaigns to existing identified customers with business goals such as cross-sell, upsell, repurchase, retention, renewal, referral, and winback.

SDK updates

The following SDK updates have been released. Breaking updates are listed below; all other updates can be found by checking the corresponding SDK changelogs.

  • Swift SDK 6.6.1
  • Web SDK 4.9.0
  • Android SDK 28.0.0
    • Updated minimum SDK version to 21 (Lollipop).
    • Feature Flags functions have been modified.
    • Braze.getFeatureFlag(id) will now return null if the feature flag doesn’t exist.
    • Braze.subscribeToFeatureFlagsUpdates() will only callback when a refresh request completes, and initially if previously cached data exists. It will also be called with cached feature flags for any refresh failures.
      • If you want the cached value immediately at app startup, use Braze.getFeatureFlag(id).
    • Refactored DefaultInAppMessageViewWrapper.createButtonClickListener() into DefaultInAppMessageViewWrapper.createButtonClickListeners().
  • React Native SDK 7.0.0
  • Cordova SDK 7.0.0
  • Roku SDK 2.0.0
    • getFeatureFlag will return invalid when the flag does not exist.
    • BrazeTask now observes BrazeFeatureFlagsUpdated to know when feature flags refreshes succeed or fail. Data values may not always be different.
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