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May 2021

Conversion correlation

This guide covers the conversion correlation analysis on the Campaign Analytics page, which gives you insight into what user attributes and behaviors help or hurt the outcomes you set for campaigns. Covered is an overview of the analysis, what is checked, when it’s available, and how Braze checks for significance.

Global Control Group report

We’ve updated the metrics on the Global Control Groups report to better help you analyze the overall impact of your messaging efforts over time. Key changes include adding Events per User and Estimated Group Size, and adjusting the calculation for Incremental Uplift to reflect the difference in total events between your treatment and control groups.

Reports overview

Not sure where to start with analyzing your campaigns or Canvases? The Reports overview provides guidance on which reports and analytics you can use to answer common marketing strategy questions.

New US-05 cluster

Braze supports a new US cluster, US-05. Refer to our list of dashboard and REST Endpoints to see more.

Braze UI updates

In May 2021, Braze updated the following labels and terms in the Braze dashboard:

  • App Usage –> Overview
  • App Settings –> Settings
  • Manage App Group –> Manage Settings
  • Money Spent In-App –> Money Spent
  • App Usage (User Profile) –> Sessions Overview
  • Import a CSV of user information to add and/or update users in this App Group –> Import a CSV of user information to add or update users
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