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July 2021

Simple survey in-app message

Use the simple survey in-app message template to collect user attributes, insights, and preferences that power your campaign strategy. For example, you can ask users how they’d like to use your app, learn more about their personal preferences, or even ask about their satisfaction with a particular feature. This survey template is supported for both mobile apps and web browsers.

Liquid use case library

Wondering how to do that one thing with Liquid? Just looking for inspiration? Check out our Liquid use case library for a collection of use cases ranging from anniversaries and birthdays to platform targeting and more.

Email tracking

Open pixel tracking and click tracking can now be disabled per user profile. This flexibility helps customers support regional privacy laws, where an individual user profile might indicate they no longer want to be tracked. Check out our Email tracking article to learn more.

SDK data collection options

Learn more about how the Braze SDK can be integrated to allow for flexible data collection in our new documentation on SDK data collection options.

SSL overview

Learn more about SSL at Braze, why SSL is important, and how you can acquire an SSL certificate in our new SSL Overview article.

Amplitude user profile API endpoints

Amplitude’s User Profile API serves Amplitude user profiles. This includes user properties, computed user properties, a list of cohort IDs of cohorts that include the user, and recommendations. Refer to Amplitude User Profile API Endpoints to learn more.

Campaign details endpoint

The /campaigns/details endpoint has added a dedicated message response for the in-app message channel. Documentation on this can be found here.

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