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January 2021

Canvas Report Builder

The Report Builder allows you to compare the results of multiple campaigns or Canvases in a single view so that you can easily determine which engagement strategies most impacted your key metrics. Read more about the Canvas Report Builder.

In-app message iOS implementation guide

This detailed guide covers how to leverage subclassing to create custom slideup in-app messages, custom modal in-app messages, and custom full in-app messages to add to your Braze campaigns and Canvases. Included are the necessary code consideration, detailed use cases built by our team, and accompanying code snippets. Visit our documentation here to read more.

SMS custom keyword categories and retargeting options

Braze has expanded our native SMS capabilities to include the ability to add custom keywords for two-way messaging, custom categories for keywords, multi-language support, and keyword retargeting and filtering options. To read more about SMS keyword processing, visit our SMS documentation.

Playable partnership is live

Expand Braze’s email capabilities to deliver your best content (high-quality video) to your best audience (email) with Playable. Playable video emails allow you to increase your click-through and post-click metrics with exciting high-quality video content that plays automatically within the inbox.

Zendesk partnership is live

Zendesk Support Suite (ZSS) offers businesses the ability to have natural conversations with their customers through omnichannel support using email, webchat, voice, or social messaging apps. ZSS values customer support through tracking and prioritizing interactions, allowing businesses to have a unified historical view of their customers. Powerful tools such as a streamlined ticketing system allow businesses to reach out directly to customers with a personalized approach. Braze offers a server-to-server integration with Zendesk, allowing you to utilize the Braze webhooks that can sync support ticket data between Braze and Zendesk.

Crowdin partnership is live

Crowdin is a cloud-based software for localization management. Braze integration with Crowdin allows you to translate email templates and Content Blocks. You can synchronize content from your Braze account to your Crowdin project and add translations back to Braze.

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