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February 2021

Fastly updates

Beginning March 22, 2021, the Braze Services will require TLS connections support Server Name Indication (SNI), as our upstream content delivery network Fastly is migrating all TLS traffic to require SNI. All modern browsers, operating systems, and HTTPS connectivity protocols support SNI. Devices which do not support SNI will no longer be able to connect to Braze. Our traffic estimations indicate this is approximately 0.000001% of end user devices.

Audience Paths

Canvas Audience Paths allows you to intuitively filter and segment users on a large scale with strategic priority-based user groupings. This new Canvas step replaces the need to create excessive audience-based full steps, allowing you to combine what might have been 8 full steps into one! The introduction of this new step will help you simplify user targeting while clearing up your Canvases from unnecessary clutter and complexity.

New Stuff!