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October 2020

Report Builder

Campaign Comparison Example

The Report Builder allows you to compare the results of multiple campaigns in a single view so that you can easily determine which engagement strategies most impacted your key metrics.

iOS 14 upgrade guide

The iOS 14 upgrade guide describes Braze-related changes introduced in iOS 14 and the required upgrade steps for your Braze iOS SDK integration. Some changes to note are future IDFA permission requirements, geofence support, and necessary Xcode upgrades. Check out our upgrade guide to read more.

Android 11 upgrade guide

The Android 11 guide describes relevant changes introduced in the Android 11 release and the required upgrade steps for your Braze Android SDK integration. Some changes relate to deep links, HTML in-app messages, and location permissions. Check out our upgrade guide to read more.

Attribution partners - Click tracking guide

Optional attribution partner click tracking documentation has now been added to each attribution partner page, this includes best practices and implementation guidelines to get click tracking working for your campaigns. Visit your attribution partner page to read more.

New description field

Users can now add descriptions to campaigns and Canvases! This new field can be found under the campaign or Canvas name field when creating or editing an existing campaign or Canvas.

Canvas exception events

New documentation has been added describing the expected behavior of exception events in Canvases.

User delete updates

Braze has made improvements to its APIs to enable customers to delete at the same time, without additional customer actions, not only the End User Profiles of data subjects requesting deletion of their data but also any subscription state associated with the data subject’s phone number or email address. Updated documentation can be found here

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