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November 2020

Tealium partnership is live

Tealium is a data hub that makes it easy to connect mobile, web, and alternative data from third-party sources. When connected with Braze, Tealium enables a data flow of custom events, user attributes, and purchases for real-time data action.

Braze Product Portal

The Braze Product Portal contains the Braze product roadmap and opportunity for users to submit ideas. You can also see which features have been recently released. The product portal can be found in the Braze dashboard under Resources.

iOS Content Card implementation guide

Embracing developer-centered technical strategy, Braze has released its first implementation guide highlighting use-case driven iOS Content Card guidelines and best practices. This comprehensive guide provides unique use cases, video walkthroughs, accompanying code snippets, and guidance on how to log valuable user metrics. To read more about how you can get started implementing iOS Content Cards like a pro, check out our implementation guide.

Swift Package Manager

The Swift Package Manager is integrated with the Swift build system and automatically will download, compile, and link dependencies. Installing the iOS SDK via Swift Package Manager will automate the majority of the installation process for you.

New Stuff!