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December 2020

Updates to Currents messaging event properties

Within Currents email messaging engagement events, the tracking property ip_pool has been added. The tracking properties bounce_reason and bounce_code have also been added to and events.
For the full list, check out the message engagement events glossary.

Predictive Churn FAQ

A frequently asked questions article has been added to the existing Predictive Churn documentation. To read more about these potential errors, timing clarifications, and data considerations, check out our Predictive Churn FAQ.

CSV and API exports troubleshooting doc

A troubleshooting doc detailing common CSV and API errors has been added to the Braze documentation. To read more about these errors as well as some frequently asked questions, check out our CSV and API export troubleshooting documentation.

EduMe partnership

EduMe is a mobile-based training tool that gives your workforce the knowledge they need to succeed. Use Connected Content in Braze to give your workforce or your customers access to lessons and courses in EduMe. They will be able to access this content seamlessly in their browser, and you will be able to follow their progress as a group or as individuals using the EduMe reporting functionality. For more information, check out our EduMe documentation.

Pypestream partnership

Pypestream is a full-stack, conversational AI platform offering patented, all-in-one cloud messaging to transform brands into “always-on” digital entities. With the Braze-Pypestream partnership, brands can seamlessly orchestrate the end-to-end customer lifecycle from initial outreach, routed into a conversational experience, and through to omnichannel follow-up(s) via intelligent retargeting. For more information, check out our Pypestream documentation.

Dyspatch partnership

With Dyspatch, use the intuitive drag and drop email builder to create beautiful, responsive, and engaging emails without needing to write code. Collaborate with your team to create and approve emails within Dyspatch and then upload them to use within Braze, all in a couple of steps! For more information, check out our Dyspatch documentation.

RudderStack partnership

RudderStack is an open-source Customer Data Infrastructure for collecting and routing customer event data to your preferred data warehouse and dozens of other analytics providers, such as Braze. It is enterprise-ready and offers a robust transformation framework to process your event data on the fly. For more information, check out our RudderStack documentation.

Jebbit partnership

Jebbit is a PaaS to which you can build engaging experiences for users to capture first-party data. Jebbit has partnered with Braze so that you can pass user emails and attributes from your Jebbit campaigns as user data to Braze in real-time. This data can then be utilized to drive marketing initiatives like personalized email campaigns and triggers. For more information, check out our Jebbit documentation.

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