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External ID migration endpoints

Braze has released two new External ID Migration endpoints. These endpoints allow customers to rename or remove their users’ Braze external IDs by utilizing the Braze API. These endpoints can be leveraged to migrate users with different naming schemas while retaining historical data on those users. Check out our docs to learn more about the users.external_ids.rename and users.external_ids.remove endpoints.

Predictive Churn

Braze’s Predictive Suite puts machine learning directly in your hands. Starting with Predictive Churn, it’s easier than ever to effectively leverage and act on data seamlessly within the Braze platform. With it, you can create a tailored machine learning model to predict the risk of churn for a specific customer base, and then message the users that machine learning determines are at-risk before it’s too late.

Previews of this feature will appear in eligible Braze customers’ dashboards in early August. Contact your account manager for access to the full feature.

Updates to Currents tracking properties

Within certain Currents message engagement events, the tracking properties canvas_variation_name and canvas_step_name have been added. For a full list, check out the message engagement events glossary and the Currents Changelog.

Amazon Personalize partnership

Amazon Personalize uses machine learning to help create high-quality recommendations for your website and applications. Amazon personalize enables you to improve customer engagement by powering real-time personalized product and content recommendations, and targeted marketing promotions. For more information, check out our Amazon Personalize documentation.

Vizbee partnership

Vizbee enables all smartphones and smart TVs in your home to work together as one seamless device for great user experiences. Vizbee helps leverage existing mobile app marketing channels like notifications, deep-links, and emails to acquire and engage viewership across all CTV devices (like Roku, FireTV, Samsung TV, LG TV, etc.) For more information, check out our Vizbee documentation.

Bluedot partnership

Bluedot is a location platform that provides an accurate and straightforward geofencing for apps. You can use Bluedot’s SDK to message smarter, automate mobile order check-ins, optimize workflows, and create frictionless experiences. For more information, check out our Bluedot documentation.

Iterate partnership

Iterate makes it easy to learn from your customer, offering smart, user-friendly survey tools that look and feel like your brand. For more information, check out our Iterate documentation.

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