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July 2018

Triggers from attribute changes

You can now trigger campaigns and Canvas steps based on attribute value changes, such as subscription status and custom attribute changes. Previously, you needed to send Braze an event or API trigger in order to trigger a campaign in real time. but with attribute triggers, you can set up triggered workflows directly from Braze without adding an event!

This feature is not yet available for all customers. Reach out to your account manager if you are interested in enabling this feature for your Braze account.

Canvas time option addition: Local time

You can now choose to send a message at your company’s local time, or your user’s local time. When creating your Canvas step, just select “Scheduled”, then “on the next” or “in”. Then, you will be able to choose between “company time” and “user’s local time”.

Campaign alerts

Braze campaigns now allow you to set parameters around the number of sends within a campaign, enabling you to receive notifications about your campaign if its sends dip below or rise above your chosen numbers. Click the campaign you would like to monitor, then identify the first block Campaign Monitoring. Click Set Up Alert, then set and save your alert!

Learn more about campaign alerts.

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