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January 2017

New conversion events for email messages

You can now specify a conversion event for “opened email from campaign” or “clicked email from campaign.” Learn more about campaign delivery types.

CSV export with control group

When exporting a user campaign CSV, you can now include control groups in the data. Learn more about exporting dashboard data.

Welcome and Double Opt-In Emails

You can now use a newly created “Added Email Address” action-based trigger—making it easy to send double opt-in or welcome emails when a user first adds their email address. Learn more about Email best practices.

List-Unsubscribe Email Header

You can now configure List-Unsubscribe headers that have a subscription status of “subscribed/opted in users” or “opted in users only.” This adds an “unsubscribe” link in Gmail next to the sender’s name, which can improve deliverability ratings.

Usability updates

You can now click a button to minimize the Canvas header for smaller screens and hover over full names of your Canvases and campaigns on your user profile in Braze.

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