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June 2016

Action-based trigger for performing an exception event

Exception events are used to create powerful logic within action-based campaigns. They are used to remove end users from receiving a message. An example is “send users who abandon their shopping carts a push notification, unless they checkout.” By triggering off of an exception event, customers can direct additional messages and attention to the users who did checkout after abandoning their carts, creating a seamless and cohesive experience.

“Received Message from Campaign with Tag” segment filter

Customers can now exclude users who have received groups of campaigns by the same “Tag” functionality they have already been using.

Pause and resume multiple campaigns simultaneously

Customers can now pause and resume multiple campaigns simultaneously from the campaigns page.

Uninstall data API endpoint

Customers can now fetch uninstall tracking data from our export APIs directly. Check out the export endpoints for additional details.

Improved error log

We’ve improved your ability to sort by error type in the Message Error Log!

New Stuff!