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Dispatch ID behavior

A dispatch_id is the ID of the message dispatch—a unique ID for each “transmission” sent from Braze. Users who are sent a scheduled message receive the same dispatch_id. Typically, action-based or API-triggered messages will receive a unique dispatch_id per user, but messages sent within close proximity to another may share the same dispatch_id across multiple users.

This can result in two different users having different dispatch IDs for a single campaign if messages were sent at two different times. This is often because the API requests were made separately. If both users were in the same campaign audience in a single send, their dispatch IDs would be the same.

Dispatch ID behavior in campaigns

Scheduled campaign messages get the same dispatch_id. Action-based or API-triggered campaign messages may get a unique dispatch_id per user, or the dispatch_id may be the same for multiple users when sent within close proximity or in the same API call, as described above. For example, two users in your scheduled campaign audience will have the same dispatch_id each time the campaign is scheduled. However, two users in the audience of an API-triggered campaign may have different dispatch IDs if they were sent in separate API calls and not in close proximity to each other.

Multichannel campaigns will have the same behavior as described for their delivery type.

Template dispatch ID into messages with Liquid

If you want to track the dispatch of a message from within the message (in a URL, for example), you can template in the dispatch_id. You can find the formatting for this under Canvas Attributes in our list of supported personalization tags.

This behaves just like api_id, in that since the api_id isn’t available at campaign creation, it is templated in as a placeholder and will preview as dispatch_id_for_unsent_campaign. The ID is generated before the message is sent, and will be included in as send time.

Dispatch ID Currents field for email

In the effort to continue enhancing our Currents capabilities, dispatch_id is also a field in Currents email events across all connector types. The dispatch_id is the unique ID generated for each transmission, or dispatch, sent from the Braze platform.

While all customers who are sent a scheduled message get the same dispatch_id, customers who receive either action-based or API-triggered messages will get a unique dispatch_id per message. The dispatch_id field enables you to identify which instance of a recurring campaign is responsible for conversion, thus equipping you with more insights and information on which types of campaigns are helping push the needle on your business goals.

You can use dispatch_id as a personalization tag, in message engagement events, or when you use Segment, Mixpanel, or Amplitude for Currents.

Last updated on July 15, 2021

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