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Logging custom event properties

There are three important checks to carry out to ensure your custom events are being logged as you expect:

Verify custom event properties

Custom event properties are metadata that describe custom events. Multiple properties may be logged each time a custom event is logged.

Verify events

Check with your developers which event properties are being tracked. Keep in mind that all event properties are case sensitive. For additional information on tracking custom events, check out the following articles based on your platform:

Verify log

To confirm that the event properties are successfully tracked, you can view all event properties by navigating to the Manage Settings page, clicking on the Custom Events tab, then clicking Manage Properties. This will show you the names of all of the properties associated with an event.

Verify values

To check the specific property values that are being passed for each event, check the Event User Logs on your dashboard. After adding your user as a test user, you should perform the custom event within the app, wait around 10 seconds for the data to flush, and then refresh the event user log to view the custom event and the event property value that was passed with it.

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Last updated on June 21, 2021

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