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Missing users in segment

There are two possible solutions when you are seeing 0 users, but you anticipated more:

Calculate exact statistics

The Segment statistics could be providing an estimate. The estimation is calculated based on a random sample with a 95% confidence interval that the result is within +/- 1%. The smaller your user base is, the more likely it is that the size of your segment is a rough estimate. Click Calculate Exact Statistics on the Segment Details panel. This will calculate the exact number of users in your segment.

Segment Details panel that shows the Calculate Exact Statistics option

Verify data transfer

It is possible that the data you are filtering on is not being sent to Braze. To check which custom events are being sent to Braze, refer to your Custom Events Report.

Select the custom event along with the specific dates and app to see what data is actually being transferred to Braze. If you notice that 0 data is being sent to Braze, the next step is to evaluate how you are sending the events to Braze.

Graph that shows the custom event count as zero

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Last updated on January 5, 2021

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