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List user’s subscription groups



Use this endpoint to list and get the subscription groups of a certain user.

If you want to see examples or test this endpoint for Email Subscription Groups:

If you want to see examples or test this endpoint for SMS Subscription Groups:

Rate limit

We apply the default Braze rate limit of 250,000 requests per hour to this endpoint, as documented in API rate limits.

Request parameters

Parameter Required Data Type Description
external_id Required String The external_id of the user (must include at least one and at most 50 external_ids).
email Required* String The email address of the user, can be passed as an array of strings. Must include at least one email address (with a maximum of 50).
phone Required* String in E.164 format The phone number of the user. Must include at least one phone number (with a maximum of 50).
limit Optional Integer The limit on the maximum number of results returned. Default (and maximum) limit is 100.
offset Optional Integer Number of templates to skip before returning the rest of the templates that fit the search criteria.

Example request[]=1&external_id[]=2

curl --location -g --request GET '{{external_id}}&limit=100&offset=1&phone=+11112223333' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR-REST-API-KEY'
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