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Braze makes one-to-one and one-to-many personalization effortless. Take advantage of live customer profiles and campaign interaction data, and leverage intuitive composition tools to enrich messages with first- and third-party data.

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Easily test a range of options, from subject line to template, send time to target audience. AI tools can select and serve the winning variants for continuous optimization, and instant performance views help you tailor your email program for success.

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Engage customers with personalized, interactive content they can act on without leaving their inboxes. Braze supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Email, an open source framework from Google.

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Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels, boasting an ROI as high as 42:1


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Case Study

How Babylon Health is driving +20% user engagement with AMP for email with Braze

The Challenge:

Babylon, a health tech company that provides patients with virtual consultations with doctors, was looking for an innovative way to promote its Healthcheck feature.

How the Braze platform enhanced the campaign:

AMP for Email allows brands to send rich, dynamic content that lets users interact right within their desktop or mobile inbox. It may well be the biggest thing to happen to email since its creation.

Always at the forefront of technology, Babylon decided to use these new capabilities to drive stronger engagement in their app. The health tech company saw an opportunity to better showcase its health insights with the interactivity of AMP for Email. By leveraging Braze and ActionRocket, Babylon deployed an engaging, one-of-a-kind campaign that drove users to complete their free Healthcheck.

The Strategy:

Using AMP for Email, they brought their interactive Healthcheck experience straight to the inbox, with clear calls to action that drove users to find out more with the in-app quiz. 

To execute the campaign, Babylon leveraged Braze Alloy solutions partner ActionRocket to develop the best possible interactive experience across all email scenarios.

The Results:

The creative and careful approach paid off—the interactive AMP and CSS emails combined got 56% more click-throughs than the non-interactive emails. They also drove a 20% increase in people completing Healthcheck for the duration of the campaign.

"The design process was interesting as thinking interaction-first forces you to think much more visually than normal because you are trying to make the interactive elements front and center. Over time I can see this type of design becoming a specialism in its own right. We’re certainly going to be experimenting more with interactive emails over the next year."

Catherine Allen
Associate Director of CRM,
Babylon Heath


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