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Thanks for your interest in Braze’s webinars! We are currently transitioning to another method of delivering onboarding content. As such, we will no longer be hosting Braze Orientation webinars.

We’ll be updating all customers on our new resources as soon as we’re ready. In the meantime, if you’re looking for onboarding content, you can get a sneak peek of a beta version of our new resources by contacting Please include “Braze Orientation” in your subject line.

View videos and past webinar recordings

Creating segments and sending campaigns

View a recording of this webinar This onboarding webinar covers the fundamentals of user data, segmentation, and campaign creation that will empower you to send targeted, multichannel campaigns. This training will deepen your understanding of our product and introduce you to new tips and tricks.

Mobile engagement strategies

View a recording of this webinar. This onboarding webinar covers Canvas strategies for onboarding, retention and conversion.

Measuring success with Braze’s data

View a recording of this webinar. Just creating segments and notifications isn’t enough to increase ROI— to measure effectively and improve your marketing’s impact, you need to understand each campaign’s results. This onboarding webinar will help to better understand how to measure the success of your marketing efforts using Braze data.

Email 101

View a recording of this webinar. Learn how Braze can properly ramp up your campaigns and ensure emails are successfully delivering to the right users.

Personalization and Liquid

View a recording of this webinar. This webinar is geared toward dashboard users and marketers interested in learning about different opportunities to personalize within Braze and how to apply Liquid fundamentals.

Troubleshooting bootcamp

View a recording of this webinar. This webinar provides marketers, engineers and product managers with tips for maintaining a robust implementation and an overview of the tools and resources at their disposal.

Building a strategy for Android Oreo

View a recording of this webinar. Discover what every marketer needs to know about this new mobile operating system, including how to use it and manage its new channel notification feature using Braze.

A/B and multivariate testing

View this video. Challenge your underlying assumptions and optimize your messaging through the platform’s A/B and multivariate testing capabilities.

Sending test messages

View this video. Learn how to send yourself and the rest of your team test campaigns to ensure that the design, message copy, and personalization of your engagement are all perfect.

Importing user profiles

View this video. Start importing user profiles and custom data into the dashboard by through our CSV and API-centered importing capabilities.

Canvas: entry steps and conditions

View this video. In this first video of our 3-part Canvas series, learn the fundamental building blocks of your lifecycle engagement.

Canvas: building and strategizing with Canvas

View this video. In this second video of our 3-part Canvas series, learn how to connect and branch multiple messages and campaigns to offer your users meaningful points of engagement.

Canvas: lifecycle testing

View this video. In our third and final video of our Canvas series, learn how to optimize your engagement and challenge your assumptions through lifecycle testing.