Watch LTR On-Demand: Insights on teams, tech, and data around the human factor.

On October 4th, 2018, we hosted a great lineup of leaders from top brands—Deloitte Digital, Forrester Research, ABC News, TD Bank, Grubhub, Overstock, and more—who collectively shared insights and best practices on aligning teams, tech, and data around the human factor.

Sessions will cover:

• A new powerful way of evaluating customer/brand relationships—the Braze Brand Humanity Index (BHI)

• How brands can use AI to automate and recreate the powerful, one-on-one human experiences that people crave at scale.

• How Disney brands have mastered customer experience and learn how to engage customers more effectively with your content.

• How brands can find ways to comply with GDPR regulations without sacrificing the customer experience.

• How businesses can leverage data and technology to build and motivate productive teams during growth curves.

• And more!

Watch sessions from LTR to define what a meaningful relationship with your brand feels like.

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