What's Your Data Style?

We all have different styles and approaches to our jobs—and the way you think about data might just give us some insight into the unique value you add to your organization. We already know you’re a force to be reckoned with, but let’s see what elemental force guides your data style.

Why is it important to have real-time data on your customers?
To adapt to people’s ever-changing preferences
To predict the next big thing
To have a strong foundation for our messaging
To make informed decisions
The mark of good customer data is...
The ability to react quickly to it
Its quality
It gives me the whole picture
It helps me understand my customers as humans
Given the option, would you rather send out a(n)…
In-app message
Push notification
Voice notification
You have a new idea for a content piece. Your first step is to…
Write all your thoughts down and DIY
Build out a step-by-step action plan with your team
Research the topic
Bring it to life with a rough mockup
A customer hasn’t opened your last push notification or your last two emails. What do you do?
Give it a rest, don’t want to annoy them
Try a new channel
Send them one more super-personalized push that provides value
Dangle a coupon or perk to reel them back in
Which of these trends are you most likely to adopt in your 2018 business efforts?
Voice Search
All of the above
Where do you look for inspiration?
Whatever’s trending!
My colleagues and competitors
My customers
Which of these best describes how you’re approaching GDPR?
Slow and steady
Working closely with teams across my org
Emphasizing an amazing customer experience while remaining compliant
I am SO ready—I’m a regular thought-leader on the topic
You’re well known for your...
Ability to adapt calmly to changing situations
Depth of knowledge
Ability to work under tight deadlines
Teamwork and collaboration
Your ideal vacation would be…
Hiking mountains in Colombia
Sailing in the South of France
Exploring Tokyo
Spelunking in New Zealand
You’re building a personalized campaign—which type of customer data does it leverage?
Browsing history
Frequency of app usage