ˈwīt\ \ˈlā-bəl\

Whitelabeling masks various products you use, like mobile marketing automation platforms, so that it looks like users are receiving emails directly from your domain.


Whitelabeling is the process of re-branding or masking a product so that it looks and feels like your site or domain. Of the more important forms, marketers can use whitelabeling to customize emails to your domain so they look to end-users like they are coming directly from you even if they are being sent through your CRM, ESP, or marketing platform vendor. Email whitelabeling is critical for reputation and deliverability as it vastly increases the likelihood users will engage with those emails and ISPs will be more likely to deliver them to the Inbox instead of spam.

Rather than showing the email coming from Appboy or SendGrid, for example, users and their ISPs/mailbox providers will recognize your domain as the source. Whitelabeling is accomplished using your email marketing platform through the creation of sending subdomains and DNS records which your development team will add to your DNS system.

“Our open and click rates really went up after we whitelabeled our domain—I guess our customers feel better about engaging if they know they message is from us.”