Web Messaging

\ˈweb\ \ˈme-sij-in\

Web messaging is a type of customer communication that reaches web viewers via their browser.


Web messaging is a type of brand-to-customer communication that makes it possible to reach people via web browser, whether on desktop or through the mobile web. By making it possible for marketers to engage, retain, and monetize their audience of web viewers, web messaging can help brands broaden their reach, support coordinated multichannel messaging across web and mobile, and strengthen their customer/brand relationships across the board.

The two major forms of web messaging are web push notifications (also known as web push) and in-browser messages, which closely resemble mobile app push notifications and in-app messages, respectively. These messaging channels can be used to reach web visitors on both desktop and the mobile web, making them a versatile way to stay in touch with customers through their browser.

“I had no idea that web messaging was even a thing—until I got an in-browser message while I was shopping for shoes online.”