Retargeting is reminder messaging that takes a different approach (or uses a different channel) when a user does not engage or take a specific action.


Retargeting is a way to follow up with users to encourage them to take a particular action that they didn’t take in the first instance. For example, if someone opens your app but doesn’t read your Content Card about new features, an in-app message could trigger later to invite them to read it. You can also retarget users who didn't open an email with a push notification a few days later. For retention marketers, retargeting is about making the most of the channels you have to ensure that you reach users with information that’s particularly useful or important.

In the larger marketing world, and especially for acquisition marketers, the term is often used to refer specifically to “follow” ads that display for cookied web visitors, with the goal of encouraging them to come back. The general concept of retargeting for both acquisition and retention marketers is the same: get a user to complete an action they didn’t take the first time, but the differences are worth noting.

“Retargeting users through push notifications when they don’t open our weekly emails has really helped boost the number of sessions exploring our newly released content.”