Push Action Buttons

\ ˈpu̇sh \ \ ˈak-shən \ \ ˈbə-tᵊn \

Push action buttons make it possible for users to take action directly from a notification using...you guessed it...buttons!


Push notifications are a powerful communication tool, but they’ve traditionally been for one-way communication. Messages are sent, and users act on them (or don’t). Push action buttons change this! They make it so that users can interact directly with your brand, straight from the notification itself, without having to open the app. For example, users can set reminders, add notifications to calendars, and change preferences without ever leaving the home screen. It’s simple, convenient, and can make for a great experience.

“With push action buttons, we let travelers check into their flight within the message itself—the whole experience was simple, easy, and didn’t require them to open the app.”