Priming for Push

\ˈprīm iŋ\ \fər\ \ˈpu̇sh\

Priming for push is a way to encourage more customers to enable push notifications by laying out the benefits to doing so before making the opt-in request.


Priming for push is a method of encouraging customers to opt in for push notifications that uses in-app messages to walk recipients through the benefits of opting in before asking them to approve the request to enable push.

It is primarily used for iOS apps—because iOS apps, unlike Android, have always been required to ask for customer permissions one by one, rather than en masse—and for web sites that support web push notifications; however, the principal behind this approach can also be used to increase the chances that customers agree to grant other app permissions, such as access to customer contacts or physical locations.

“When we first started using push notifications, we’d just trigger the system opt-in prompt and hope for the best; now, by priming for push, we’ve been able to increase the number of users enabling push and retain the ability to ask people who decline to opt in later.”