Predictive Analytics

\pri-ˈdik-tiv\ \ˌa-nə-ˈli-tiks\

Predictive analytics, like send-time optimization and automatic A/B testing winner selection and sending, allow you to use existing user information to create successful, personalized campaigns.


Predictive analytics are data tools in marketing automation platforms to help you learn from the past and make educated guesses about how your marketing techniques will perform in the future. Much more effective than operating on hunches, these analytics mine user data to estimate the performance of tactics like send time, segmentation, variations, and channel usage.

When integrated with an MMA (mobile marketing automation platform), predictive analytics can help marketers automate the selection and sending of the most successful messages. This might include monitoring A/B test results and distributing the more effective version or customizing send times according to previous user activity levels. Used carefully, it can help to create the ideal conditions for personalized marketing at scale: targeting the right person with right message at the right time—and providing the value they seek.

“Until we develop time travel, predictive analytics are the best way to predict the performance of a marketing campaign, and it’s all based on the information collected from user interactions.”