Mobile Moment

\ˈmō-bəl \ˈmō-mənt\

A mobile moment is an occasion in which a user takes out their mobile device to get what they want, right when they want it, and it’s up to mobile marketers to find ways to build experiences into these moments.


A mobile moment is any instance in which a user pulls out their phone for a specific purpose. In the U.S., this averages over 100 times per day per user. Since smartphones have become a constant companion for so many people, the possibility for a quick check or access has increased. People have become attached to their phones and mobile devices which has led to a need for instant gratification. Don’t know something? Look it up. Need to set a reminder for yourself? You’ve got an app for that. Bored? There’s always a game or social media at your fingertips.

The challenge and opportunity of mobile moments lies in how marketers can engage and build relationships during these key moments. If your app provides value in the form of quick access to useful and relevant information, products, or social messaging, you can make your app a habit for users. The data you collect on customer behaviors can help you identify optimal send times, lifecycle stages, seasonal interests, and other details you can personalize to encourage engagement.

“A travel company could create a special deal for mobile moment opportunities such as when a frequent flyer searches for rental cars or looks to compare flight prices.”