Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

\ˈkē\ \pə(r)-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s\ \ˈin-də-ˌkā-tər\

Key Performance Indicators are metrics of success relative to business goals.


KPIs are metrics used to evaluate your measure of success according to specific business goals. For example, a goal to create a more effective and popular product might look at retention, installs, and other related metrics as KPIs, or as indicators of progress.

While goals vary from company to company, many mobile marketing KPIs are similar across platforms and channels. Many are goals for improving engagement, including clicks, views, purchases, and other conversions. But there are also metrics specific to disengagement that are worth keeping an eye on, such as push notification opt-out rates and app uninstalls. When tracking KPIs, it’s important to work with your business intelligence team to understand how the metrics are tracked and calculated to ensure you are drawing the proper conclusions and that other factors aren’t interfering.

“Now that we’re focusing on the KPIs that are actually aligned with our goals, we’re finally seeing the progress we hoped to see.”