Email is a mobile messaging channel preferred for longer or richer content messages.


Email is a key channel for mobile marketing. Since many consumers today have email on their phones and tablets, messages need to be developed for their functionality and appearance on a variety of devices. Marketers use Email Service Providers (ESPs) to send messages to their sometimes very large email subscriber lists and to manage the reputation of an IP address. This helps ensure that emails are delivered and can actually be read by users. Issues like spam reports or high bounce rates can reduce the likelihood of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) accepting the email domain and can stop messages from being delivered.

Emails are a great channel for instances when you want richer content with greater depth compared with a push notification or text message. Many people also expect and prefer to receive certain messages, like transactional messages, by email so they can store and reference receipts and confirmations later. While there are many aspects of email you can test and improve upon as you refine your email strategy and send more campaigns, some of the most important are having intriguing subject lines and making sure your brand and voice carries into the email, so that you can continue building relationships with users.

“Transactional emails, like payment confirmations, can sometimes get overlooked once the automation is set up, but they’re actually a great opportunity to feature additional value for users.”