Deep Linking

\ˈdēp\ \ˈliŋ\ˈkiŋ\

Deep linking connects a message with a targeted piece of content within a website or mobile app, so that users are directed to their next action or engagement.


A deep link takes you to a specific web page or content within an app. If you're sending a push notification about a deal on a particular item, you’ll want that link to go to a specific product listing or News Feed Card in the app. This linking allows you to improve relevancy by sending users straight to their interests. Deep linking can also provide more information on install attributions for your acquisition efforts.

While it's easy to share web URLs, there's no such system for apps, which are all structured differently. You'll need a specific solution to handle your deep linking and ensure users end up in the right place. You can set up a basic URL scheme, which works a lot like a URL, but only if the user already had your app installed. Newer deferred and contextual links can determine whether to go to the app (if installed) or the app store for download. These systems may need to be added to your existing setup, but it's well worth the investment to provide a much more valuable, efficient, and relevant experience.

“We saw conversions increase dramatically when we started using deep linking—users were no longer left on a generic app page after opening a promotional notification.”