Customer Permissions

\ˈkəs-tə-mər\ \pər-ˈmi-shənz\

Customer permissions are requests—for personal information, device access, and more—that brands make of members of their audience.


Customer permissions are requests that a brand makes of its customers in connection with a mobile app or website. These requests can be for access to customer data (such as their location or their contacts), authorization to send push notifications, emails, or other messages, or to access elements of their smartphone or tablet, such as the device’s camera. Because customer permissions impact whether marketers can send certain kinds of messages and the extent to which they can gather nuanced customer data and include personalization in their outreach, customer permissions are a major element in modern marketing strategies.

“It’s really hard to craft best-in-class messaging campaigns without a campaign permissions strategy in place—after all, you can’t personalize push notifications if customer don’t opt in to push and don’t give you access to personal data that you can include in your copy.”