Customer Behavior

\ˈkəs-tə-mər\ \bi-ˈhā-vyər\

Customer behaviors are user actions that can be tracked and analyzed to improve marketing efforts.


Customer behavior refers to any action that a customer takes related to your company, but as marketers, we are particularly interested in actions that we can track and learn from to build relationships. In the mobile world, these behaviors usually indicate some form of engagement, such as views, downloads, opt ins, or purchases.

It’s valuable to know what kinds of customer behavior data your CRM can collect, how you can target particular behaviors to inform your strategies, and which behaviors indicate that you’ve reached a goal. If your goal is “increasing engagement one month after download,” you might want to focus on how your efforts impact app opens, activity levels, or responses to offers in push notifications. Some of the most valuable information can be about what time of day people are most responsive and what forms of outreach are intriguing enough for them to click to learn more. The information you gather can help you improve segmentation, personalization, and increase the likelihood that you’ll reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

“I’m glad we tracked those re-permission customer behaviors—now we have a much better sense of what triggers could lead up to an opt-in after onboarding.”