Cross-Channel Messaging

\ ˈkrȯs \ ˈcha-nᵊl \ˈme-sijiŋ /

This approach to customer engagement uses multiple messaging channels—think push notifications, email, etc.—in tandem to reach customers effectively across a variety of communication touch-points


When a brand sends customer communications using more than one messaging channel in a coordinated way, that’s known as cross-channel messaging. This approach has been shown to result in stronger levels of engagement than using a single channel, and is an increasingly large part of modern customer outreach.

When a marketer employs a cross-channel strategy, they’re using email, push notifications, in-app messages, and whatever other traditional and contemporary methods they can, in a smart combination, to reach users wherever they are (without overdoing it). To get cross-channel marketing right, it’s essential that all arms of an organization communicate and collaborate, even distinct teams with different goals and priorities.

“There’s a big difference between knowing that a cross-channel strategy is smart business and understanding just how much adding a second marketing channel can boost engagement.”