Freebird Leveraged a Fully Customizable Braze Channel to Increase Email Engagement by 141%

Madison Gardner By Madison Gardner Mar 7, 2020

With as many as 43% of US residents using ride sharing apps, Freebird saw an opportunity to make those rides more valuable. The mobile app provides its users with rewards and cashback on Uber and Lyft rides by partnering with bars and restaurants. Riders earn points on every ride, local businesses get people in the door.

In order to deepen the relationships with their customers, Freebird switched to Braze to build out a valuable, engaging email program. Their first stop: Developing a healthy email list.

More Than a Free Ride

Freebird requires users to link their Uber and Lyft accounts, collecting email addresses through the rideshare apps’ authentication APIs. While it creates a streamlined onboarding process, Freebird found a large percentage of users left emails unopened. They theorized the rideshare accounts were often linked to invalid or outdated email addresses.

To quickly solve their problem and establish a valuable email marketing program, they used Content Cards, a fully customizable Braze feature that allows brands to serve up a stream of rich, persistent content within their app or web experience.

If users had never opened an email before or when they launch the app for the first time, they were shown a Content Card asking to “confirm your email address.” The CTA deep links to the profile screen in the app, allowing users to edit their email address, if necessary.

Freebird’s Results: High Confirmation Rate and Increase in Email Engagement

After launching the campaign, Freebird saw immediate results—44% of recipients confirmed their email addresses after receiving the Content Card. It also led to a 141% increase in those who verified their emails versus those who didn’t.

“Braze empowers us with the necessary tools to delight and inform our users with engaging content,” said Todd Simmons, Marketing Manager at Freebird.

Final Thoughts

By leveraging a fully customizable, flexible Braze feature, Freebird was able to easily improve their email collection strategy. Not only did they see immediate improvement in their email marketing metrics, but they set future messaging campaigns up for success.

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Madison Gardner

Madison Gardner

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