Attract, Engage, and Retain Customers With Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

Joey Holloway By Joey Holloway Dec 7, 2021

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Creating an engaging user experience for a brand can seem like a marathon. Sometimes, when encouraging a user to continue on the journey you have set out for them, there can be a cluttered, distracting landscape and catching their attention is a real test of endurance. The question then becomes how to help the user connect more fully with your brand.

Let’s look into how a few top brands successfully leveraged cross-channel messaging through emails, push notifications, and in-app messages (IAMs) to gain an edge in this essential race.

How PureGym Increase Engagement

PureGym, which offers low-cost and flexible gym memberships at over 300 locations in the UK, set a goal to reduce the amount of churn among its members. In order to better retain these individuals and re-engage those who had left the fold, PureGym developed a cross-channel campaign that tested messages among different audience groups.

In order to reach previously lost customers, PureGym leveraged Braze Canvas, our customer journey management feature, to build a campaign using both email and SMS. Through lowering the frequency of emails to ex-members and developing more personalized messages, PureGym was able to drive an increase in engagement. In tandem with the email campaign, Puregym utilized Braze native SMS campaigns to allow for seamless retargeting of users across platforms.

Utilizing this cross-channel strategy led to a 69% higher open rate, an 89% click-through rate (CTR), and a 206% higher conversion rate for retargeting overall. By delivering these campaigns across multiple channels, PureGym was able to reach lost members at the right time with personalized messages, driving stronger business results and supporting stronger customer relationships.

Cross-Channel Promoting with Pomelo Fashion

Pomelo Fashion has made waves in the industry by creating a seamless shopping experience that makes consumers feel catered to both online and offline. In order to nudge shoppers to complete purchases, this APAC-based ecommerce brand leveraged a cross-channel approach to develop a rich customer journey. By utilizing Canvas, Pomelo was able to target users based on personal preference, recently viewed items, and where they may have stopped previously on their purchase journey.

At the “Browsed Category” level, the goal was to encourage users to return to the category and view a product. Push notifications and Content Cards mentioned the category of clothing that a user viewed, focusing on the scarcity of products within that category. This campaign saw a 5% increase in sessions, an 84% increase in conversion rate, and a 235% increase in revenue when compared to users who didn’t receive targeted messages.

In addition, a campaign targeting app users at the “Added Item to Cart” level nudged them to come back to complete their order on the app. Pomelo Fashion tested generic push notifications against hyper-personalized pushes that included a user’s name and an image of the low stock item that a customer had recently viewed, which was pulled into the message using the Braze platform’s Connected Content dynamic personalization feature. This campaign drove a 126% increase in sessions and a 66% increase in conversions when compared to their generic push notifications.

Final Thoughts

In a saturated market, retention of users has become increasingly difficult as customers’ attentions are pulled every which way, sometimes by the brand itself. Users can lose interest right on the verge of completing a transaction or get lost mid-conversion if a customer journey isn’t cohesive or clear. With a cross-channel approach, brands can create authentic and engaging experiences that cut through the noise.

To learn more about building cross-channel messaging that supports memorable connections with your customers, check out the Braze Cross-Channel Data Report.

Joey Holloway

Joey Holloway

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