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Announcing Braze Catalogs, A New Personalized Marketing Tool

Kevin Shectman By Kevin Shectman Mar 28, 2022

Anyone who works in marketing knows the power of personalization. At the same time, it can be extremely difficult to effectively execute personalized marketing at scale. Doing so requires brands to leverage a combination of the right tools, resources, people, and data to deliver seamless, meaningful, and relevant customer experiences that drive revenue.

For marketers, making that goal a reality can mean having to uplevel and acquire the technical skills necessary for navigating cumbersome technologies or securing engineering bandwidth to help with marketing efforts, something we all know is a huge challenge. Either approach has its difficulties and points of friction. To help solve that issue, Braze has worked to make it easier for marketers to personalize messages all on their own—without having to become tech experts—so they can stick to the important (and demanding) work of strengthening customer relationships.

That's why we're excited to introduce a new product: Braze Catalogs.

What Is Catalogs?

As the name suggests, Catalogs is a tool that allows you to harness your brand's own catalog of data related to the goods, products, or services your company offers to personalize your customer experiences and campaigns. Whether that's to personalize cart abandonment reminders, serve up 1:1 product recommendations, power messaging related to new items in your company's inventory, or to highlights items that have gone on sale.


With Catalogs, marketers will be able to sync and store their brand's catalog of non-user data directly within Braze to streamline cross-channel customer messaging. For instance:

  • Retail and eCommerce brands can integrate their catalog of SKUs or store information

  • Schools and educational programs can integrate their catalog of courses

  • Restaurants can integrate their list of current menu items

The best part? There's no technical expertise required to get this feature set up and ready to use. That means no unnecessary delays waiting on your tech team's availability before you can start leveraging Catalogs to support personalized campaigns.

5 Key Benefits of Catalogs for Personalized Marketing

By taking advantage of Catalogs, marketers can make the work of customizing messages and brand experiences for their customers easier. Here are five key benefits that this powerful new tool can provide:

#1: Deliver more advanced, rich, and individualized recommendations based on each user’s past behaviors and preferences

#2: Personalize any message across any channel, from SMS or push to email or in-browser messaging

#3: Reduce the burden on your engineering team with a marketer-friendly platform—no need to figure out how to connect Braze with your company's API

#4: Scale your personalized marketing automation: As your company's product catalog increases, your customer base blossoms, and the number of marketing channels you utilize takes off, Braze can support your growth without missing a step

#5: ...all within a tool that's easy and intuitive:

Using Catalogs to Power Your Personalized Marketing

Imagine you're planning to build out an abandoned cart campaign to send to users who leave your website or app before completing a transaction, and you're getting ready to use Catalogs for the first time.

Here's how you can make that happen by using Catalogs within the Braze platform.

  • 1. Import your catalog information into Braze

  • 2. Set up your abandoned cart campaign or Canvas journey

  • 2. Pull the relevant Catalogs information (e.g. product name, price, etc.) into the campaign

  • 3. Test, finalize, and launch campaign


Final Thoughts

Great personalization requires the right data and the right tools. With Braze Catalogs, there’s a new, no-code way to easily pull key products, content, and services into your brand’s messaging, supporting the kinds of smart, effective personalization that today’s consumer expects.

To learn more on how to create meaningful and relevant experiences for every shopper, register to attend our “Grow Loyalty. Grow Sales.” webinar on April 6.

Kevin Shectman

Kevin Shectman

Kevin Shectman is a Product Marketing Manager based out of our NYC headquarters. When he’s not turning out the latest and greatest updates here at Braze, you’ll find him exploring new restaurants in Manhattan or binge-watching the latest series on Netflix.

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