Appboy Releases Marketo Integration

Team Braze By Team Braze Jun 4, 2015


As part of our continued commitment to enable clients to holistically manage customer relationships, we’re pleased to announce that Appboy’s industry-leading Mobile Marketing Automation platform is now compatible with established marketing automation software provider Marketo. This new development will allow all Appboy customers who are currently using Marketo to better integrate and manage their marketing efforts across both platforms.

The new integration makes it possible for our clients to:

  • Send both push notifications and in-app messages from Marketo, allowing them to draw on user lists, campaigns and other data that is already stored within that platform.
  • Send information maintained and stored within Marketo directly into Appboy’s dashboard (including data updated via landing pages, information on users’ web activity, results from lead scoring systems and more), enabling our clients to make even more effective use of Appboy’s platform and its best-in-class user profiles.
  • Set up automatic campaigns within Appboy that are triggered when users receive a message through Marketo, granting full use of Appboy’s multi-channel messaging capabilities and adding significant value for clients who are already Marketo customers.

For details on how to take advantage of this new setup, check out our Marketo Integration documentation or head right over to Marketo’s Appboy LaunchPoint page. And if you have any questions, let us know at

Team Braze

Team Braze