3 Key Takeaways From This Year’s Cyber Monday Campaigns

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 1, 2014


As Cyber Monday 2014 draws to a near close, businesses with mobile apps are beginning to measure the success of today’s campaigns and, in some cases, scramble to notify users of last-minute deals. Here are a few mCommerce messaging strategies that Appboy’s Success Squad has seen today – perhaps you’ll be able to apply them during future Cyber Mondays, Black Fridays, flash sales…or even tonight’s campaigns!

Anthropologie email

1. Create campaigns that stand out visually.
Because so many apps send push notifications and emails on Cyber Monday, it’s essential that your messages catch the viewer’s eye (and ear). For push notifications, using emojis, large images (on Android) and a custom sound will help grab users’ attention. Emails should contain clear, uncluttered copy that succinctly communicate why users should immediately open your app. Anthropologie’s Cyber Monday email (above) is a good example of visually appealing yet concise copy.

2. Use numbers in your copy and subject lines to keep campaigns to the point, informative and enticing.
Seeing “Get 50% off from now until midnight” is more likely to appeal to audiences than “Shop our Cyber Monday sales all day” because it lays out the specific benefits that users will receive. Imagine someone who previously saw a jacket in your app for $50 – realizing that it now costs only $25 will motivate her to shop more so than simply knowing it is on sale.

3. Present deals on purchases that you know a user might be interested in.
Make use of data on which products or types of items the user has favorited, added to her shopping cart or recently browsed. When so many businesses are touting discounts, it’s especially important to prove that you have desired items. For instance, if someone often shops for art supplies using your app, let her know that thanks to Cyber Monday, all paint sets are $15 or less.

Team Braze

Team Braze