Analytics in action

Our partnership with Amplitude supports deep analysis for the discovery of important insights in real time.

360° view of each customer

Our partnerships with Foursquare and Gimbal help enhance location data and work to support brilliant messaging experiences.

Lessons from every starting point

We integrate with partners like AppsFlyer to provide more comprehensive attribution across every step of your customer journeys.

Real-time data connectors

We partner with Segment and mParticle to support the flow of data throughout the marketing technology ecosystem.

New Ways to Join #TeamCompliant

Introducing OpenGDPR—our new open-source framework for ensuring compliance with GDPR-mandated data subject rights!

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Partnerships // Braze x Foursquare

Foursquare Shares Powerful Location Intelligence

The Braze Location Marketing Suite uses additional intelligence like real-time event triggering based on a user's location in the real world to deliver behavioral insights that reveal customer interests and routines.
Partnerships // Braze x Amplitude

Amplitude Supports Real-Time Analysis

The Braze Intelligence Suite works with Amplitude to provide clients with smart ways to act on important changes in customer behavior and improve campaign segments in real time.
Partnerships // Braze x mParticle

mParticle Connects Data Across Platforms

Currents, our real-time data streaming tool, works with mParticle's ability to share data wherever and whenever its needed.
Partnerships // Braze x Segment

Segment Supports Easy Data Access

Our Currents users also enjoy a fast, simple integration with Segment, which assists in moving customer data swiftly across platforms.

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