What is Foursquare?

Leverage Pilgrim SDK, Foursquare's hyper-accurate location technology that understands how phones move through the real world, allowing brands to engage users at precisely the right place and time.

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How we work together

With Pilgrim, Foursquare’s unique framework for understanding background location, Braze can leverage hyper-accurate location information for customers across both mobile engagement and customer segmentation.

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What you can do

Target Customers at Relevant Locations

Trigger targeted messages to customers when they enter a specific location to encourage them to engage with your brand. Once the user arrives at the location, a notification is triggered through Braze.

Retarget Lapsed Customers

Re-engage lapsed users based on their location history. Leverage location data to send messages to customers who haven’t visited a physical location in a while to re-engage them with your brand

Contextual Location Data for Personalized Engagement

Create timely, personalized, user experiences with the help of contextual location data. For example, send push notifications that contain real-time election updates to users at designated polling locations

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